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You can ask your queries regarding health, lifestyle, or diet at our ASK THE DOCTOR section. We will answer your questions in 24 hours.



  1. Hi,
    I am Sonia, 34, Hyderabad, I have a concern.I suffer from acidity. What can I possibly do to get rid of this problem? Please let me know. Thanks.


    • Hello Ms. Sonia,
      Try to eat more Coconut, and take more Honey and cold milk. At the same time definitely avoid spicy food. Do your best to keep stress out.
      Also after each meal, take half teaspoon of powdered Fennel seeds, cardamom, and rock candy sugar (saunf elaichi and mishri powder). This should take care of your acidity.
      Dr. Vashisht


  2. Hello Doctor Mathur,
    My mom is suffering from Hypothyroidism. What changes can she make in her diet plan to improve her health?
    Pooja, Jalandhar


  3. Dear Pooja,
    I would recommend that you should avoid Cauliflower (phool gobi), Cabbage (patta gobi), peanuts (mungphali), Banana (kela), soya bean.
    You can add 1 tsp singhare ka aatta in 1 roti and start taking iodized salt unless suffering from high blood pressure.
    Also you can take 1 tsp flax seed roasted before breakfast.

    Dr. Mathur


  4. Hello
    I am suffering from ulcerative colitis and IBS, loosing weight from56 to 47 and i want treatment in your natureopaty.
    please suggest


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