Swami Satyanand Ji Maharaj – Janam Diwas

Swami Satyanand Ji Maharaj, was one the few rare saints who realized God directly while worshipping the formless. The revered Divine master and messenger of Ram-Naam and faithful of Lord Ram gave Naam-Deeksha to the countless. He was fondly addressed as “Maharaj” by his devotees. It was with Maharaj Ji’s inspiration that the Ram Sharnam Ashrams spread all over India and the world. He himself journeyed a very difficult path, but made it easy for others.

In 1995 at the time of Rishi Dayanand Centennial Festival he had an inner inspiration to stay in solitude. He spent a period of time in ceaseless devoted isolation at Dalhousie in the Himalayas and received the divine visit and divine sound – “Ram Bhaj, Ram Bhaj, Ram Ram.”

With the attainment of this mantra he experienced unprecedented peace. He resolved that the great mantra “Ram” attained with the Blessings of God must be dispensed to those suffering from threefold-miseries of the spiritual (Adhyaatmik), physical (Adhibhautik) and the divine (Adhaivik).

He ignored the narrow-mindedness and prejudiced limitations between different communities, religious, sects. He worked towards the benefit of mankind and continued to initiate devotees into the sacrament of “Ram Naam.”

The realized saint lived for 99 long years and on Sunday, 13 November, 1960, at 10 pm, 21 Bunglow Road, Delhi, he attained Nirvana.

Maharaj Ji wrote the following Holy books:

Bhakti Prakash, Valmiki Ramayansaar, Shrimad Bhagwadgita, Ekadshopnishad Sangreh, Prarthana aur uska prabhaav, Upasak ka antarik Jeevan, Bhakti aur Bhakt ke Lakshan, Pravachan Piyush, Bhajan aur Dhwani Sangreh and Amritvani.

Amongst all these Holy books, Maharaj Ji’s “Amritvaani” is the descended concise Holy Book in which essence of his experiential philosophy is accumulated. He composed the “Amritvaani” for the bliss of people fixated with the worldly and threefold sorrows who approached him to seek peace and happiness.

 Ram mantra is a gem to relieve people of worldly and otherworldly worries. “Ram naam” is a companion and friend of every generation and God himself  becomes the aide of the Ram devotee.

Amritvaani ka nitya gaana

Amritvaani should be sung daily and constantly,

Ram Ram Man Beech Ramana

Let the heart, mind and soul echo with Ram Naam,

Deta Sankat VipadNivaar

Protects from crisis and calamity

Karta Shubh Shri Manglachar

Paves the way for Blissful benevolence

With such divine thoughts Maharaj Ji presented the rosary of Amritvaani. A devotee can be blessed and attain everything if he holds Amritvani with faith and devotion. Maharaj ji had experience the mystic Truth through tumultuous and intense struggle, the essence of which have been inculcated with deep profoundness in the Amritvani. Amritvani is the deliverance of the divine offering for the welfare of Humanity. May the welfare-doers come forward and receive the blessings of Amritvaani.

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