Controlling Your Diabetes Naturally

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Controlling Diabetes with Shugrol

Shugrol Churn helps to manage Diabetes as it contains a combination Ayurveda herbs that pay great relief to the malady and your consumption habits. Gymnema Sylvestra an ingredient for example, reduces sugar cravings as it makes the sweet foods less appealing. Dr. Vashisht however recommends to not to leave your medication. the Shugrol Churn over a period of time manages diabetes and your medication dosage lowers over a period of time.

Shugrol Churn contains the following herbs Aegele Marmelos, Momordica Charantia, Sesamum Indicum, Pterocarpus Marsupium, Alstonia Scholaris, Eugenia Jambo, Gymnema Sylvestra, Jasminum Sambac, Cinnamomum Tamala, Fragonella Facunm Arthen, Sphaeranthus Indicus, Euphorbia Hirta, Carum Bulbocastanum, Mangifera Indico.

Aegele Marmelos

Medicinal plant Aegle marmelos has antidiarrhoeal, antiviral, antimicrobial, anticancer, chemopreventive, ulcer healing, antipyretic radioprotective, anticancer, antipyretic, antifertility and anti-inflammatory properties, antimicrobial, chemopreventive, ulcer healing, diuretic, antigenotoxic, antiviral properties.

Momordica Charantia

Momordica charantia  or Bitter melon is well known for medicinal properties as anticancer, antidiabetic, anti-inflammation, antivirus, and cholesterol lowering effects. It has phenolic compounds having antimutagen and antioxidant qualities.

Sesamum Indicum

It is a Good Source of Fiber, Helps Blood Sugar Control, Lower Blood Pressure, Supports Healthy Bones, Blood Cell Formation, Reduce Inflammation, Supports the Immune System, Soothes the Arthritic Knee Pain, Support Thyroid Health, Hormone Balance During Menopause, etc. It is a Nutritious Source of Plant Protein, Rich in Antioxidants, and Source of B Vitamins.

Pterocarpus Marsupium

Pterocarpus marsupium extracts helps to lower HbA1c levels , and manage blood glucose.

Alstonia Scholaris

Its milky juice helps to treat ulcers. Its bark is used in making Ayurvedic medicine to treat malaria, fever, tumors, ulcers, asthma, troubles in digestion, etc. External application of its leaves and the latex helps to treat tumors.

Eugenia Jambo

Jambolan tree. The leaf, seed, bark, help to make medicine. It treats diabetes. It is taken orally for flatulence/ gas, inflammation /swelling of the stomach (gastritis), diarrhea, bowel spasms, constipation, and other conditions. It also aids in lung problems such as asthma and bronchitis. It helps to increase interest in sexual activity, stomach problems, and diseases of the pancreas, depression, nervous disorders, and exhaustion. Its direct application on mouth and throat reduce caused by swelling, on skin, inflammation.

Gymnema Sylvestra

It helps to treat diabetes, malaria and snakebites. It is known to reduce sugar cravings as it makes the sweet foods less appealing. It lowers Blood Sugar Levels, controls Insulin Levels, Cholesterol, Heart Disease Risk, weight loss, Tannin and Saponin Content..

Jasminum Sambac is a natural antidepressant, antiseptic Antispasmodic, Aphrodisiac, Galactagogues, Sedative, Cicatrizant, and reduces menopause symptoms.

Cinnamomum Tamala

The leaf and bark are used to control diabetes, liver and heart, cough and cold, arthritis. The cinnamon is used as a spice in foods.

Asteraceae or Sphaeranthus

Asteraceae or Sphaeranthus indicus Linn treats conditions of epilepsy, mental illness, hemicrania, hepatopathy, jaundice, leprosy, diabetes, fever, cough, pectoralgia, hernia, helminthiasis, gastropathy, hemorrhoids, skin and dyspepsia  diseases.


Euphorbia herb’s parts are used to make medicine of the parts that grow above the ground. It helps to cure breathing disorders as bronchitis, asthma, and chest congestion. It is also aids in throat spasms, mucus in the throat and nose, hay fever, and tumors.

Black cumin

Black cumin is good for delivery care of mother. It helps in vomiting, bloating, and good for the eyes. There are 2 herbs that carry the name of Black Cumin. Nigella sativa and Carum bulbocastanum both have same qualities.

Mangifera Indico

Mangifera Indicoc or the Mango Tree is one of the best remedies for passive hemorrhage, renal, uterine, pulmonary, gastric, and intestinal. It also aids in rhinitis, pharyngitis, sneezing, and other extreme throat troubles…

You can order the Shugrol Churan from the SHOPPE at SANJEEVANI KAYA SHODHAN SANSTHAN. Please consult the Sanjeevani doctors before using Shugrol Churan and the recommended quantities.

You can reach the doctors between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm to consult on usage. Telephone: +91 01263253740, 94161 08672, and 8059800895.

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