The 8 Wonders of a Steam Bath

Steam Bathis beneficial for people with asthma & bronchitis, sinus

Steam therapy is one of the Hydrotherapies that has been in use cross cultures as a traditional healing system. The Turkish baths, Finnish Saunas, and the Japanese steam rooms are the traditional steam bath methods.

The purpose of steam bath is that it opens up airways which improves breathing & relieves congestion. The steam thins and opens up the mucous membranes in the body, to relieve pressure, which is beneficial for people with asthma, bronchitis, and sinus.

Steam Bath improves Blood Circulation

In a steam bath, the moist heat improves the circulation and cardiovascular health. It keeps the blood pressure lower and normal maintaining the health of the heart.

Improves Blood circulation and especially beneficial for people with High blood pressure

LowerS High Blood Pressure

The moist steam helps the body to release the aldosterone hormones. The hormones change the heart rate as they regulate the blood pressure. Steam is in fact helpful in lowering high blood pressure in patients.

Steam Bath helps Reduce Stress

The steam helps to reduce the level of cortisol, the stress hormone. The drop in cortisol helps the body to relax and heal the mind.

Steam aids clearing of Congestion

Steam bath opens up the lungs as the heat penetrates and travels warming the mucous membrane. The patient is able breathe deeply, which breaks the congestion within lungs and sinuses.

Steam aids clearing of congestion

Helps Improve the Skin Health

As steam opens up the pores, the warm condensation washes away dead skin and dirt giving a clearer toned skin.

As steam opens up the pores, the warm condensation washes away dead skin and dirt.

Helps the Muscles to Recover after Workout

The muscles after a strenuous workout find a relief from soreness and pain with the steam bath. The moist steam penetrates to the muscle tissues and help to heal.

Provides relief from soreness in the muscles and pain

Stiff Joints become Suppler

The steam provides relief to patients suffering from stiff joints, inflammation and, pain. Arthritis patients find a great relief with the steam bath it reduces pain, swelling and, makes their joints more flexible.

Patients suffering from stiff joints, inflammation and, pain or Arthritis find a relief.

Steam Bath helps to boost Immunity

The steam bath activate leucocytes that help to fight infection. Regular steam Baths lessen the chances of falling sick as it boost the immunity in your bloodstream.

steam bath activate leucocytes that help to fight infection and boost immunity

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