The Healing wonders of various Mud Therapies

Our earth is made of beneficial minerals and compounds that help in healing. All ancient cultures have been availing of mud therapy and hot water springs since time and memorial. This is because clay is enriched in minerals. Korea celebrates its mud festivals, Dead Sea is known for its infamous mud baths, and India uses the variations of mud therapy to heal. It is no wonder that Mud has become an important part of Naturopathy therapy.

Naturopathy avails of the 5 basic elements, Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Ether. The clay or earth can get into the system and cure the body of all imbalances.

Since they are the formative components of a living body, their balance or otherwise can become a reason for health or disease. Earth is an integral part of our system and therefore has a great impact on our health or sickness.

The Good Qualities of Mud. What it can do for you?

  • Mud has the quality to absorb heat and toxins from the body. It is capable of dissolving and transforming the toxins into a state where they can easily be expelled from the system.
  • Mud is capable of reducing the rigidity of muscles, softening the hard tissues, and dissolving the fatty glands that become hard, whether on or in the body.
  • Mud begins to take effect the moment it is applied. In a state where the toxins are much greater, another pack can be applied right after the previous one on the same site.
  • It helps to get rid of symptoms as fever, piles, diarrhea, dysentery, insomnia, constipation, high blood pressure, anxiety, and headache.

Types of Mud Applications:

The mud is treated at Sanjeevani Kaya Shodhan Sansthan before application. It has to be freed from stone pieces and chemical manures, etc. It is then sterilized for application.

Mud Poultice

Mud Poultice is applied when a long cold application is needed. Mud poultice when applied on the head, gives immediate relief from headaches, irrespective of their cause.

Hot mud poultice is given for the knee joint pain. It relieves the patient of pain after a few applications.

knee poultice
knee poultice being wrapped to give relief from pain.

The poultice is most helpful in the case of conjunctivitis, eyeball hemorrhages, allergy, itching, refraction errors (longsighted and shortsighted), and even glaucoma as it reduces the eyeball tension.
– Dr. Vashisht

It is beneficial as cool moisture goes in and poultices help to relax the skin pores, draws blood to the surface, relieving the congestion and pain within. Furthermore, it helps promote heat radiation removes morbid matter.

-Dr Mathur

Mud Paste or Mud Lep

Mud lep is one of the most in-demanded mud therapy as it cures many ailments. The paste is applied all over the body and the patients roam around in the enclosed-roofless-open area. The mud Lep duration is 45 minutes to 60 minutes long. The mud must be treated and should be taken from a good area that is away from human refuse. A shower is taken to remove the Mud Lep.

Mud Paste or Mud Lep
Mud paste or Mud Lep is followed by some walking in the enclosed open area. Great for weight loss.

What MudLep can do for you?

Mud Lep improves the condition of the skin as it enhances the circulation and therefore energizes the skin tissues.

Dr. Mathur

The MudLep rejuvenates the skin, revitalizing it. It is great in normal condition and when suffering from skin diseases. It is also effective for patients suffering from arthritis to reduce swelling and pain.

Facial Mud Pack

A treated fine soaked mud paste is applied for 20 minutes on the face. It is then removed gently, using cold water. It helps to improve the complexion of the skin and removes pimples. It opens up the skin pores that help in the removal process. Mud application around the eyes helps to remove dark circles.

Facial Mud Pack
Mud pack cleanses the skin and gets rid of tension the lids.

Mud Pool Bath

The mud in mud-pool-bath shouldn’t be too grainy, else it irritates the skin. Mud-pool-bath has the following benefits:

Mud Pool Bath
Mud pool bath relieves the patients of muscle pain and inflammation. It is great for weight loss
  • It has an anti-inflammatory property. When a person soaks his body in mud, the minerals as potassium, sodium and magnesium help to get rid muscle pains.
  • It helps to get rid of rosacea and psoriasis
  • It even improves the spinal symptoms in spondylitis patients which can be painful with vertebrae inflammation.

Abdominal Pack and Chest Pack (Matti Patti)
Cures any abdominal disorder, constipation, flatulence, indigestion, diabetes mellitus, jaundice, chronic colitis, menstrual disorder, obesity, renal failure, etc.

Abdominal Pack and Chest Pack (Matti Patti)
Abdominal pack relieves the person of abdominal disorders including constipation, jaundice, chronic colitis, diabettes, etc.

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