Home-made Whey Protein

 Home-made Whey Protein from curd is the most convenient option
Home-made Whey Protein from curd is the most convenient option

Making Whey

Whey Protein is the richest natural dairy protein extract having the superior qualities to other protein sources. It can be easily made at home with almost no effort.

  1. Choose your Milk product:
  2. Curd or yoghurt
  3. Cottage Cheese (paneer)
  4. Buttermilk (lassi)
Whey from cottage cheese (Home-made paneer)

We will take curd, the most easily available source in most homes. But you can use any of the above.

  • Method
  • Take a bowl and place a strainer (big or small) on top of it
  • Place muslin cloth on strainer
  • Take at least one steel glass (250 gm) curd and put it in the strainer.
  • Wrap the strainer with plastic-wrap overnight (at least 8 hours) 
  • Remove the liquid (whey) in the bowl and airtight bottle it in an air tight glass jar for future consumption

Whey is the liquid in the bowl and curd cheese is the solid in the strainer.

Shelf Life of Whey Protein:

Refrigerated whey protein lasts for 6 months approximately

It must be stored in airtight glass bottles or jars

Make enough quantity to last a month and repeat each month

The whey protein made at home is natural and has no additives so it is the best and the cheapest best-quality-protein option. Since it is bland to taste, you can make your home-made protein shake with it.

Go Natural, Go Home-Made Whey!

To know more about the qualities of whey why it is the best source of protein and a boon for those suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease, read Whey Protein in Natural form and Health Benefits

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