Arthritis Series: Treating Gout with Naturopathy

The big toe and other joints may be swollen and inflamed in Gout
  1. Osteoarthritis 2. Rheumatoid arthritis 3. Fibromyalgia 4. Gout
    5. Cervical Spondylosis or Arthritis of the Neck

Gout is another arthritic condition. There is recurring attack on the joint as they become hot, red, tender, swollen and extreme pain is felt.

  2. The big toe and other joints may be swollen and inflamed
  3. Movement is stiff or hampered in the affected joint
  4. The skin turns purple or red around affected area
  5. The joint itches when recovering
  6. The affected joint has peeling skin
  7. Other metabolic disorders as kidney stones may be caused
The uric acid starts crystallizing around joints
  • How it happens?
  • Gout happens due to excess uric acid levels in blood and tissues which causes imbalance in the metabolic process
  • When the kidneys are unable to remove excess uric acid from the urine and bloodstream
  • The uric acid starts crystallizing around joints
  • Why it happens?
Not drinking adequate water and consuming excessive processed foods is a major reason for developing Gout

Lifestyle habits affect the uric acid levels to go up. The following are the reasons:

  • Excess consumption of alcohol
  • Water drinking is inconsistent and not enough
  • When a person does not urinate enough
  • Eating too much of processed beverages and foods
  • Genetics
  • How Naturopathy may help?
  • Conventional medicine and naturopathic medicine recommend diet and lifestyle changes to treat gout. The treatment works on reducing the hyperiricemia as the acid forming beverages and foods are removed from the diet. Naturopathic nutrition and supplements help reduce inflammation.
  • The naturopathic treatment strengthens the body from within and helps to support or recover the affected joint. The treatment can be managed easily and there are no side effects.
  1. Body Weight: it is advised to achieve and maintain the ideal body weight as per your height.
Having the correct body weight as per height or BMI Body Mass Index
  • Diet and Nutrition: Diet and nutrition are prescribed by the Sanjeevani Kaya Shodhan Sansthan doctors that provide the basic raw materials and help in healing the affected joint area.
  • The diet at Sanjeevani – Gohana includes fresh, unprocessed, and unrefined foods. This includes vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, soy, seeds, olive oil, and nuts. You can follow similar diet at home or ask for variations during your checkout. The doctors at Sanjeevani Gohan provide you with diet plan that you can conveniently follow at home.
Cherries are good for lowering the uric acid levels
  • Cherries are good for lowering the uric acid levels and can help in preventing gout attack. Make sure they are unsweetened. Fresh or frozen are preferred. Canned may be the last choice as they usually contain preservatives. Deep pigmented berries including black berries and blue berries may be taken.
  • It is recommended that you consume water half of your body weight in ounces. If you weigh 120 lb, then it is recommended to take 60oz of water daily.
Naturopathy focuses on eating more unprocessed foods to stay healthy
  • If you are a non-vegetarian or habitat around water, you can take cold-water fish as tuna, salmon, and halibut.
  • Other supplements may include Quercetin if prescribed by your doctor as it constrains uric acid. Eating pineapples may be a good idea as it includes the enzyme Bromelain which works as an inflammatory. For better results, take it along with Quercetin.
  • Also include Flax seed oil, Vitamin E.
Not drinking adequate water and consuming excessive processed foods is a major reason for developing Gout
  • You must avoid purine-containing foods. These foods include shellfish, meats, beer or brewer’s yeast, baked goods and bread which usually include baker’s yeast, herring,   anchovies, sardines, and mackerel.
  • Abstain from alcohol, red meat, animal fats, sugar, poultry, dairy products, fried foods, refined foods, caffeine and junk foods.
  • Supplements as Vitamin C, Vitamin B3 must not be taken as they can raise uric acid levels.
  • MASSAGE THERAPY: The massage therapy provides relief as it improves the blood circulation and flow. It is a major catalyst in reviving gout affected joint and other muscle, bone and organ related diseases.
Light exercises including yoga help to condition and prevents swelling pain and attacks of gout
  • Light Exercises help in reducing uric acid levels. It also helps in easing pain. Light exercises including yoga help to condition and prevents swelling pain and attacks of gout. It helps to bring back the body to its agile self. Furthermore, exercises give a person an overall satisfying and a healthy life.
  • HYDROTHERAPY: Hydrotherapy including swimming is a great helper in reviving the joint. It helps in strengthening the joint and the muscles with least impact and allows it to relax in its normal state.Patients are able to avail of the optional swimming pool facility at Sanjeevani Gohana.
including swimming helps to revive the joint


The primary drug given to treat out is colchicine. Colchicine reduces swelling but it cannot lower the uric acid levels. Many people cannot tolerate this drug as it has side effects as vomiting, diarrhea, bone marrow depression, and hair loss.

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