Naturopathic (Natural) Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction

Believe it or not your food choices and lifestyle can affect your sex life. It is important to know the cause of erectile dysfunction and get the right treatment. It may be a basic organic factor. Nutritional and lifestyle habits may hinder achieving and maintaining an erection.

Long term use of the following foods may contribute to your ED problem-

  • Drug
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco use
  • Poor nutritional food- fast food
  • Processed foods and refined foods

Vascular diseases are a result of poor dietary intake and cause ED as blood flow is restricted to the penis.

Naturopathy treatment program with herbal treatment can cure ED caused by vascular diseases.

Foods to eat:

You should intake more of whole, fresh unprocessed foods. This includes flavonoid-rich foods as fruits rich in pigmentation. Take more of cherries, blueberries, blackberries, citrus, and radishes.

What are Flavanoid rich foods?

Flavonoids are phytonutrients or plant chemicals found in most vegetables and fruits. Like other phytonutrients, they are known to be effective antioxidants. Flavonoids and carotenoids together contribute to bright food color. There are perhaps more than 6,000 types of flavonoids, and quercetin and kaempferol the best known amongst them. Flavonoids also benefit the immune and anti-inflammatory system. They assist as preventive measures towards cardiovascular disease, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. “We already knew that intake of certain foods high in flavonoids may reduce the risk of conditions including diabetes and cardiovascular disease,” lead study author Aedin Cassidy, a nutrition professor at UEA, said in a press release. “This is the first study to look at the association between flavonoids and erectile dysfunction, which affects up to half of all middle-aged and older men”, as per Fox News (

Other foods as tea, onions, tea, grapes, kale, Brussels sprouts, parsley, spices and citrus fruit, whole grains, vegetables, beans, soy, seeds, olive oil and nuts all support vascular function. If you are a sea food lover then take more cold-water fish as tuna, salmon, sardines, mackerel, halibut.

Foods to Avoid:

Try to avoid dairy products, sugar, refined foods, junk food, and fried food.

Determining Food Sensitivity through Elimination Diet:

Leave out food products one-by-one from your diet. Then add them to see what your body is sensitive to in contributing to ED.

Drink Plenty Water: In fact drink water in ounces proportionate to 50% of your body weight. Fo example- if your weight is 170 lb then drink 85 oz of water daily.

Dietary Supplements:

Your naturopathic doctor may advise Flaxseed meal or flaxseed oil, Inositol hexaniacinate (Diabetic patients must avoid), Selenium, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Zinc. Consult your doctor for what is most suitable to your health and the proportions.

Herbal Medicine Herbal medications should be taken with precaution. Sometimes they cause stomach upset or headache. This could be due to purity in preparation or additional ingredients as fillers or binders. It is essential that only high quality products must be used. Only prescribed quantity must be used as overdose can cause serious illness or even death.

Herbs that are used for ED include Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng) -used for male impotence traditionally; Ginkgo biloba- helps to icrease arterial blood flow; Muira puama (Ptychopetalum olacoides) ED and lack of libido;


Kegel exercises are used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles support the uterus, bladder, small intestine and rectum. These exercises also increase the blood flow and muscle tone.

Aerobic exercise and weight training also help the cardiovascular system. They increase the overall energy. They help you relax when you are at rest.

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