Naturopathy A Cure for Depression

You can cure your depression and wean off your antidepressant medication with correct guidance and a suitable program. “

It’s the time of the year when nature’s beauty is at its peak with springing flowers everywhere. The sun is out and temperatures are warmer and favorable. Yet even with the sun exposure and enough vitamin D which helps in boosting the moods, you still feel low, down and out. You may be suffering from depression. You are not alone. You can consult and get help from doctors at Sanjeevani Kaya shodhan Sansthan, Gohana.

The common symptoms of depression include fatigue, lethargy, persistent sadness, crying, irritability, pains, the need to be left alone and loss of interest in things that you really enjoyed earlier.

Summers are most active months and we tend to utilize the hours more and compromise on sleep. This along with travel coupled with other activities throw you off schedule and diet that aid you. But even if you are taking care of health, you may tend to feel lethargic and sad.

In such cases it is wise to consult your naturopathic physician who can look deeper into cause of your problem.


What you eat and how to affect your mood. Keeping your blood sugar stable helps you to control your mood. When people skip meals they may find themselves getting more anxious. Foods as proteins like eggs, beans nuts, pasta, sweets, lean meats as chicken and fish. Moderate your carbohydrates intake lessening pasta, bread, sweets. Combine proteins and carbohydrates so that blood sugar is not as affected.

Food reactions are also sometimes responsible for mood changes. The right way to identify the food problem is through an elimination diet. By taking out the common foods like gluten, dairy, sugar, eggs, night-shade vegetables, citrus, alcohol for about 2-4 weeks and study the change in mood.

 Another method that doctors advocate is blood testing for IgG antibodies produced up to 3 days after problem food consumption.

Some labs give you an elaborate and personalized guideline on foods that you must avoid.

Nutrient Deficiencies

Many people suffer from Vitamin D deficiency due to lack of skin exposure. It is important to get tested and learn the correct adequate dose for yourself.

Lack of vitamin B and iron and vitamins and minerals deficiency may cause imbalances as they are required for making hormones and neurotransmitters. Hormones and neurotransmitters maintain our balances. They can be tested by labs and supplements can be taken to overcome the deficiencies.

Hormone Imbalances

The hormonal changes can also make people depressed. Distinct times are Puberty, pregnancy, PMS, and menopause. There can be other reasons for hormonal imbalances. Imbalances can be checked and treated. Thyroid deficiencies and adrenal hormone imbalances are reasons to make people really awful.

Hormonal imbalances can be treated without taking hormones. Natural therapies work very well including minerals, vitamins, herbal therapies and good lifestyle.

Neurotransmitter Deficiencies

The treatment for depression is not necessarily taking antidepressant medications. The antidepressants target serotonin- the central nervous system. It is very possible to heal with proper lifestyle, nutrient therapies, and diet. In fact, such therapies can also help you to wean off your antidepressant medication.

So if you are feeling disoriented or not the way you usually feel, consult your naturopathic physician to help you get started on a plan that best works for you at Sanjeevani Kaya Shodhan Sansthan, Gohana ( ).

If you have any concerns or queries regarding diseases treated or therapies or your special situation, write your post at Ask The Doctor section

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